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Freedom of design, comfortability and functionalities balance!

By applying PU material to shoe bottom, mid-sole, heel and insole, sports player creates new records, improved comfortabilities in all ages.

Our innovative solutions improved shoe ergonomics. Every step is full of science and technology!


The most prominent contribution of polyurethane into the footwear industry is to meet the weight reduction and durability in the same time, this provide shoe body design more freedom, and improved waterproof, grip and other functions. Vamp can be as thin as paper without losing the toughness in permeability, users can receive a better sports experience; remote control chip or sensor can also be installed inside the material, enhance sports equipment intelligence.


Polyurethane is widely used in shoes materials, such as golf shoes, football shoes, ski shoes, sports shoes, sandals, slippers, safety shoes, etc. Compared with traditional materials, polyurethane upgrades a variety of shoes functions. Polyurethane can be divided into two categories: foaming and laminating. Fine bubble cells or thin membrane can be seen on the product cutting surface. Polyurethane can also be used in insoles, soles, shoes surface, slippers, adhesives and other shoes components, and it has been adopted by the world\\\'s first line manufacturers.


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